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When they both met in Paris beginning ’90's, Sjoerd van Bommel was playing as the drummer for a theater group and Shirley Ferrini was flown in from New York to make new clothing for the group. They became a couple and Shirley decided to start living in The Netherlands.

Shirley is from Detroit Michigan where she started working at an early age in a leather company  “Gandalf the wizard ”. Throughout her life she designed clothing, especially for theater. She worked for different groups in the US, Germany, France and The Netherlands. Shirley is a self taught artist who also paints and gives drawing classes in the small medieval town of ’s Hertogenbosch in the south of  The Netherlands.

It was her notion that a lot of guitar-  and bass players with gorgeous instruments had bland guitar straps and her coming from the theater world and working with musicians , they decided to give it a try to come up with comfortable eye catching straps. Made from the best leathers , being one of a kind, custom made, handmade and with creative input from the both of them.

Sjoerd van Bommel is a well known Dutch professional drummer who still plays with various groups and is in demand for studio work. He always had a knack for working with his hands on cars and loves to repair old furniture, so the couple decided to put their talents together in making exciting straps for those looking for something special.

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