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The straps we make are from the best Italian leathers. Our design is a two sided leather strap with double padding for extreme comfort and with a beautiful piping . The straps are amazingly strong and made to last a lifetime.

Besides that they are also unique because of the concho’s and embellishments which we find at flea markets and second hand vintage shops, taken from belts, hats and earrings : rare finds which will end up on a strap.


If a customer has something of value, emotional or otherwise, it’s possible to have Ferrini Guitar Straps use these items in the custom making of a truly personalized strap.


Everything is made by hand and the tools are hand tools so it’s an “old fashioned” way of making, limited editions with an eye for the creative process and detail.

For the players who prefer not to use leather, we also offer “vegan” materials  enable us to come up with beautiful straps.

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